Only some music files appear on the network

I have (I believe) successfully installed the MyCloud to my WIn7 LAN.  PCs on the LAN see all files.  But both my WIFI stereo and Twonky only see a couple of albums (the same ones, actually).  Why won’t they show the rest of my music library?

You can go the IP of your NAS follow by :9000 and check your Twonky settings. Apparently, your Twonky server has not finished scanning, or some shares containing the Music have not been set up for Media sharing. You can also shutdown the NAS from the UI and unplug/plug it back.

The scanning of content can take hours and hours if you uploaded a lot of files to the NAS.

But the files also do not show up on my Grace Audio WiFi stereo.  Only the same one or two folders do, but nothing else.

When I look at the My Cloud from my computers, all of the files are there, and I can even see them in WinMediaPlayer.