Music files only play in alphabetical order

I have all my music CD files stored on the My Cloud EX2 ( and backed up to MyBookLive Duo ) and play them via streaming on a Pioneer N50A network music player. The files are in album form in an identical way to as they were on the actual CDs from which they were ripped ie in numerical track order, but when streaming to play on the Pioneer they are reconfigured to alphabetical order with the number indexing removed. This isn’t a problem with most albums as order isn’t important, but classical music and concept albums ( like Pink Floyd ) become a complete unintelligible mess.

I have inquired to Pioneer, but am informed that this is a well known WD problem. Is it? And if it is why hasn’t it been fixed?

I did intend to upgrade to a WD 4 bay NAS, but if this issue isn’t resolved I’ll look elsewhere for a solution.


Does the same hapens if you use a local storage device on your Pioneer player through the USB port?

Make sure that the meta data of the files are properly set.