Multiple WD TV Live Players

Can I add a second WD TV Live to another TV in another part of the house and access the movies and files connected to my first WD TV Live?  Will this show up as media server choice on the menu?


UPDATE: Scrap that, a little eager to post. Sorry. Seems I had to restart everything and also named the 2nd unit WDTVLIVE2. All works great.


I realise this is a few weeks old but having problems with this.

Have had a WDTV Live for a while now in my main bedroom, linked wired to router - all works great and play everything through that to my TV.

Now I have added another WDTV Live to the lounge - got a wireless router which works with the Media Player (Finds my network, logs in, updates and shows on my main PC) however I cannot access the main WDTV in the bedroom. Basically I was hoping to access the main one from downstairs and play the files from the hard drives connected.

Can this not work?

Or is there any info on how to get it working?



No, you can’t do this.

Uhm, I think you CAN do this, if you tell the WDTV to share its files on the network.   That’s one of the settings in the general configuration.

Not certain though, because I don’t do this myself…

Sorry, I did update my post earlier to say figured it out myself - will make it clearer so people can see straight away. Didnt want to delete as it answers the original posters question.

To confirm, yes you can do this. I have now set this up in my house and tried playing on both drives at the same time and no problems at all. Will be actually using it more later on so let you know of any problems. The only real pain is my orignal drive and folder images show fine as they are linked to the folder and when going through videos do not show the seperate images. However now on the drive that is going through the network it shoulds the jpgs as separate files - this is something I will just have to look into.

You’re talking about the thumbnail problem with network shares, right?  Where JPGS show as both thumbnails as well as individual images?

If so, it’s being worked on (no ETA).  And sorry to mislead you – I’m afraid I wasn’t understanding what you were asking (my usual confusion state after tennis).

Lol. No you were spot on. That’s what I meant. Probably didn’t explain myself too clearly.

Thanks. For now I can live with it as not on my main unit. Would be great to have it perfect in future though.

It’s what a whole lot of us want (my only complaint about the Live, in fact).