Connecting several WD TV Live devices with each other

I currently have installed a WD TV Live in my  living room. There, it is connected to my HDD, my internet network and of course my television.

Now, if I buy another WD TV Live and I connect this one the television in my bedroom and the internet network, will I be able to watch the content which is on my HDD in the livingroom on my television in the bedroom?

Thanks in advance,


In general, yes.   Of course, your internal network needs to be up to the task, as well…

And how do I know whether my internal network is up to the task?

I am quite a noob with respect to such things…

If it’s WiFi-based, then you’ll possibly have many challenges getting media to stream reliably.

If it’s wired, you shouldn’t have any problems.

My network is wired. So, by connecting both mediaplayers to this network (simply by plugging in a network cable in both devices), they should be connected to each other?