Wdtv live and play

Hello all ,I have what I hope is an easy question , i have a wdtv live with a usb hard drive attached to it this is then attached to my network I can find this on my pc , but cannot find it with my wdtv play ?? Is this possible or should I swap devices and have th hdd on the play ??? Or do I need two wdtv live units ???

WDTV Play does not support Network Shares

It only supports Media Servers aka. Media Shares aka. DLNA

WDTV Live supports Network Shares and Media Shares, but, has no built-in Media Server eg. Twonky, Plex

Your only solution is to attach your USB hard drive to you PC and setup a Media Server on your PC then both WDTV’s will see the PC Media Server and files.

Great thanks for the reply ! So wouldn’t work even if I had 2 x wdtv live instead of the play :scream:??

no, 2 wdtv lives should work via SMB(Samba) file sharing

go into the wdtv live Network Settings > Enable File Sharing

(my original solution was based on what you currently have)