MPW SSD direct to Chromecast (no WiFi LAN)

Hi, I have been tryiong to workout a solution for travelling (hotels etc) where we can play MPW local videos (mkv’s etc) to a chromecast when there is no wifi lan or internet available.
Essentially all we would need to carry is MPW and chomecast and plug the chromecast into the HDMI port any TV.

  • When we are camping we use MPW, ipad(s), BT speaker and an app called PlayerXTreme and it works really well
  • Ideally we want to extend this same setup to play via a chromecast to a TV with HDMI port (no BT speaker just use TV speaker) or use my Android smartphone to cast to the TV in place of the iPad.

We purchased an iOS app called Screen Mirror which makes the Chromecast show up as a device in AirPlay. I believe I had it working with the Chromecast built in to our Nvidea Shield when we are at home on our LAN connected to the internet but I have not been able to get it to work on the road. I have had a few goes at this and am starting to think that this isn’t going to work or I am missing something a bit obvious. Any ideas?
I have tried on a couple different Chromecasts and updated there firmware etc.

Should this be doable, is there another App that I can use to do this or how do I go about it?
Ideally I just wanted to use a phone or ipad to connect to MWP via WiFi and cast to the TV/Chromecast directly some how.

For me; this has always been harder than it looks.

Note that I use Roku sticks. . . .which are functionally similar to the Chromecast.

Fundamentally; you need an app on the Chromecast that does reliable DLNA communication on a network. I have not had good luck with that using a Roku. (Note that VLC on my android tablet does this just fine)

Ultimately, I reverted to PLEX. Unfortunately, the MPWP is not really beefy enough to run PLEX as a server. I have ended up using a PC as the server. . . and “pointing” to the MPWP as a file storage location. THAT seems to work.

Thanks for the ideas, will have a look into it.
Do you think the DLNA device could be an iPad or Android smartphone which would be connected to MWP via its wifi network? I will check out VLC
The only other option would be to turn on iPad or Android smartphone hotspot to create a network but not sure this really helps. This is certianly a lot more difficult than I ever thought it would be.


I find streaming a pain and ALMOST more trouble than it’s worth.
Most of the time; I admit I just watch videos on my computer (the computer has 5.1 speakers)

For music; I gave up and just use Airplay from an iPhone.
For critical listening. . . I still have a CD player. When that dies. . . .I am hosed; as mid-priced quality CD players seem to have gone the way of the 8-track.

Thanks for the help, I have been having some success.

If I have the MYPW, Chromecast, ipad on the MYPW wifi network and have the MYPW connected to the internet even if it is just my smartphone android hotspot it seems to work reasonbly well via a streaming and mirror app on my iPad as content is on the MYPW.

As yet I do not know why why it needs access to the internet to be stable or how much data it uses when its connected to the hotspot but it least it has been working in the couple of tests I have done do far, if it works reliably ongoing this should resolve my issue as I only use this method accasionaly to watch something.