Google ChromeCast HDMI Streaming Media Player

Just wondering if anyone has bought one of these Google ChromeCast HDMI Streaming Media Player devices, I have the WD SMP and have Internet and external drives connected to it in the living room. All works great, I can stream all videos from my SMP ( external drives ) to my Laptop anywhere in the house. My question is: Can I stream my videos from my SMP from the livingroom to my bedroom using the Google Chomecast HDMI Streaming Media Player and using the WD Remote app (android) ? Just trying to avoid buying another SMP and I can’t move my external drives back to the PC for Network Shares, I’m running Windows XP on an old Desktop PC with no WIFI access card. I simply rip my movie DVD’s and add them to my external drives and watch in the living room.

Thanks for the input in advance!

at the moment chromecast doesn’t do local media streaming

If your TV or other device on the secondary TV supports dlna you could use twonky from a smartphone or tablet even a laptop. Most media servers also support dlna in some fashion and will allow you to push media to dlna supported products with a laptop/desktop/nas/phone. If your phone is a newer model it would’ve been wiser to purchase an hdmi cable and just hook it up to the tv instead. Then you can run xbmc or whatever else to get a a nice front end for your content.

I would pickup a second SMP for 60 bucks instead of buying the google garbage (seriously they’re horrible).