Mp4 video from OS5 Twonky stops playing every 30 minutes

My Roku Media Player and Samsung TV can play several hour long mp4 video files from my OS3 Twonky. However, they both stop playing every 30 minutes from my OS5 Twonky. The error message on the Roku media player is “Not able to connect to MyCloudName please check your connection” and similar lost connection message on Samsung TV. I can resume playing the video file where it stopped and it will stop playing again after exactly 30 minutes. I tried changing ssdp_beat_time from 1810 (30 minutes?) to 10860 in /mnt/HD_a2/.twonkymedia/twonkyserver.ini but it still stops playing every 30 minutes. Does anyone know what changed from OS3 Twonky to OS5 Twonky that causes this 30 minute timeout and how to fix it?

In a much earlier discussion (see here) on the Twonky time out issue some modified the ssdp_beat_time to 3620 from the default value of 1810. Remember to restart the Twonky server (or just reboot the My Cloud device) after making such a change.

Other troubleshooting suggestions. Configure the My Cloud for a static IP or better reserve an IP address for the My Cloud in the router’s DHCP server administration settings. If the device streaming from the Twonky media server/My Cloud is connected using WiFi, monitor the WiFi on the device and the router to see if the WiFi signal is the cause due to dropouts or relogins. Test if other devices exhibit the same issue when streaming from the My Cloud.

Thanks for the quick reply, but unfortunately none of these suggestions solved my problem. Here is what I saw in the Twonky System log every 30 minutes 24x7.

[Important] - LOG_HTTP: rpc_stop_server : stopping server (rc=42)
[Important] - LOG_SYSTEM: upnp_mediaserver_stop : media server stopped
[Startup] - LOG_SYSTEM: twonkylib_init : *** Starting TwonkyServer (Product Name:Twonky, Version:8.5.2-20210413, Build-date:Apr 14 2021) ***

I am running Twonky 8.5.2-20210413 which I installed from the OS 5 MyCloud Apps after upgrading MyCloud firmware from OS 2.41.116 to OS 5.18.117.

The solution that fixed my problem was in Twonky / Settings / Security / Restart on Network settings where I unchecked the box for “restart on network settings”. I noticed the warning right above the checkbox that says “Enable/disable dynamic restart of the server on any network change. Note that server restart will result in stream interruption!”.

I don’t know what counts as a “network change” but it was happening exactly every 30 minutes 24x7 on my home network. My MyCloud has a static IP, but the various Roku media players and Samsung TV’s I tested all use DHCP.