Twonky DLNA no longer streams audio

I have a WD My Cloud "2-Bay Personal Cloud Storage” system that has been running Twonky to stream music just fine since switching to OS5. Recently, although Twonky still lets client devices navigate the content, when an item is selected to play, it fails. The error reported depends on the client device - one says “network timeout”, another just hangs, another says “cannot play song”. Same story if I access Twonky via port 9000 and select Local Device. I suspect this problem started after the WD firmware was auto-upgraded to 5.08.115, but I can’t be certain of that.

I’ve tried stopping/starting Twonky, and I’ve removed and reinstalled the Twonky app. I’m running Twonky Server 8.5.1-1, and the web interface status doesn’t show any errors.

My next step was to turn on logging, but I’ve been unable to do so. Through the Twonky web UI, I select the “Enable logging” checkbox and click on “Save Changes”. All looks good, but if I navigate away and then back to the System Settings page, Enable logging has been unchecked. And sure enough, nothing gets added to the log file — it just contains the messages from Startup.

I’d appreciate any help either with my original streaming issue or making Twonky logging work.


I have the same problem with an EX2 Ultra. After updating to OS5 yesterday, I can’t play any mp3-files. Is there a known solution for this problem?

I recently updated firmware on My Cloud and eversince I have the same problem. I have reinstalled twonky app but no change. I can navigate through all my mp3 but when I say play it fails - this is the case when accessing through twonky web interface 9000, also via android apps