Moving iTunes, iPhoto and Steam to My Cloud EX2

Hi. I am new to NAS systems and I bought 4 Gb My Cloud EX2 for my iPhotos, iTunes music, Steam games, Time machine and for getting access to my files where ever I am. I am having problems with everything I was going to use the drive for except Time Machine which I decided to leave last when everything else works.

The problem with the photos is that I have tried moving my iPhotos library to the drive with instructions from the web but I just receive problems that the iPhotos don’t find the library after I have made the library in the My cloud as default. The iPhotos just tries to reconstruct or repair the library.

The same thing with iTunes music. I have tried moving the library with instructions but it seems iTunes still tries to find the library from the old location. I don’t have the music files on the Macbook but I wanted to have physical files on the My Cloud so that my family with Android phones could listen to my music. I have iTunes Match which offers possibility to download the music to a physical location.

I also tried to change the Steam library to the drive but just says that the folder needs to be empty before I can move the games there. I also tried to use terminal solution I found for moving the games but that didn’t work either. I now think that maybe the games will work so much slower from the NAS so maybe I will keep the games on the Macbook if I get everything else to the My Cloud and that space frees up on my Macbook.

This really frustrates me because I studied for about month which NAS to buy and this was elaborated as the easy to install and to use. I think I maybe have some kind of access problem or something. Should I use wired connection for transfer these big masses of files and data? What can I do to get this work? I haven’t deleted anything from my Macbook yet because I want to be sure that anything isn’t lost during the transfer process.

I use OS X Mojave. Thanks for any help you can give.