Moving harddrives from WDMCMirror to better NAS possible?

Hi all,

I’ve come to the conclusion that the WD MyCloud Mirror does not meet my reliability requirements after constant interruptions i.e. orange blinking LED and no chance to upgrade firmware. Unfortunately the drive has worked now and then and I have put a lot of data on it that I need to keep.

Is it possible to remove the drives from the MC Mirror and install them in a better, more reliable NAS?

I wont be buying anything from WD again for sure.

Well, ultimately, the drives in the MCM are just ordinary HDs.

Whether they’ll function in whatever new host you install them is up to that host, not WD.

One thing, though, is almost a certainty: You’ll have to reformat the drives and lose all your data as the new host will NOT read them otherwise.

Thanks for the reply. [Deleted] Never going to purchase a WD product again.