My Cloud Mirror drive replacement question

So my old Cloud Mirror gen 1 has finally had a disk fail. I currently have two 4TB drives model WD RED WD40EFRX. Now that I have to replace one of them, do I have to buy the EXACT same make and model, or can I buy a newer version of the 4TB (for instance the WD40EFAX)? Sorry I’m not a super tech savvy person and this drive replacement issues is a major stressor LOL.


Please refer to the following KBA article to find the compatible hard drive:

So. . . the “Red” product line has changed since the MyClouds went off of store shelves.

The lower end of the “red” line are now SMR drives.

I would not fool with that and jump to the 5400 rpm CMR lines, which is a feature of the “red plus” line of WD nas drives. I don’t think you really NEED to use WD branded drives. I would feel comfortable with any 5400 or 7200RPM CMR drive that is rated for NAS service

I have heard that on OS3, you could put 10 or 12TB drives into the MyCloud Mirrors. . . .although they were not sold that way. With OS5, drive sizes above 8TB are no longer supported (gah)

(I suspect very large drives will cause problems with the indexing process. . .the MyCloud mirrors are questionable in terms of their ability to effectively index).

Curious whether anyone can confirm whether you can upgrade to 10TB or 12TB drives with OS5. Looking to upgrade my 4TB drives as I’ve run out of space. Thanks!!