My Cloud Mirror drive replacement question

So my old Cloud Mirror gen 1 has finally had a disk fail. I currently have two 4TB drives model WD RED WD40EFRX. Now that I have to replace one of them, do I have to buy the EXACT same make and model, or can I buy a newer version of the 4TB (for instance the WD40EFAX)? Sorry I’m not a super tech savvy person and this drive replacement issues is a major stressor LOL.


Please refer to the following KBA article to find the compatible hard drive:

So. . . the “Red” product line has changed since the MyClouds went off of store shelves.

The lower end of the “red” line are now SMR drives.

I would not fool with that and jump to the 5400 rpm CMR lines, which is a feature of the “red plus” line of WD nas drives. I don’t think you really NEED to use WD branded drives. I would feel comfortable with any 5400 or 7200RPM CMR drive that is rated for NAS service

I have heard that on OS3, you could put 10 or 12TB drives into the MyCloud Mirrors. . . .although they were not sold that way. With OS5, drive sizes above 8TB are no longer supported (gah)

(I suspect very large drives will cause problems with the indexing process. . .the MyCloud mirrors are questionable in terms of their ability to effectively index).