Hard drive replacement

Drive 1 on my cloud mirror failed. WD does not carry the replacement drive anymore. I have a 4 TB mirror and I looking for a replacement 2TB drive to replace the failed one. Will any of the 2TB drives work?

Hi Jccloud, I’m in a similar position but 2 x 4TB mirror. Disk 2 crashed and the 4TB replacements (WD40EFRX) are no longer available in UK.

I need to know of alternatives to get it working again. I’d rather not start again :frowning:


Any 2TB or 4TB drive should work. Note that older WD Red 2 and 4TB drives are CMR 5400 rpm, current Red drives are SMR 7200rpm.

The same thing with mine too drive 1 is failing with a red LED but a reboot seems to sort it and everything seems fine, the red light comes on and I reboot and it’s fine for a few weeks. It’s been like this for 2 months now. I’ve got the 4TB Gen 2 (2x2TB) I’ve been looking for a replacement hard drive but couldn’t find any as they have been discontinued. Also, I’ve read on various sites that CMR is better than SMR. The current ones are CMR. I’m thinking of putting larger drives in (2x4TB) and was wondering if WD WD40EFPX Red Plus 4TB SATA Hard Drive w/ 5400RPM 6Gb/s 256MB Cache drives would work. I was also wondering if I can use Seagate IronWolf drives instead as they are a bit cheaper?

I have 4TB My Cloud Mirror Model WDC WD20EFRX-68EUZN0, Firmware Version 82.00A82, OS 3. Drive 1 has just developed a red light, but RAID system still working on Drive 2. I am trying to find the replacement for the drive. Options are:
WD20EFRX In-kind ??, $99
WD20EFAX Red, SMR, 5400, $55
WD20EFZX Red Plus, 5400, CMR, $69
WD4003FFBX Red Pro, CMR, 7200 $125

  1. I have read, not sure if it is true, not to go w/7200 since OS will not handle it??
  2. Is CMR recommended over SMR?
  3. Does all/or any of this make any difference?
  4. Leaning towards Red Plus given the age of the unit. It is my backup NAS and not accessible from the web.

If there is a better place to post this or a good link, I am all ears … or eyes. Thanks in advance