My Cloud Mirror 4TB/8TB - drive type

Quick question to help me decide on a purchase of My Cloud Mirror - the particular product am considering is:
WD 8TB My Cloud Mirror Personal Network Attached Storage - NAS - WDBZVM0080JWT

The spec says it ships with two 4TB drives - configurable in RAID0, RAID1 and other modes.

Are these WD RED Drives that are supposedly optimized for NAS storage ? Or are they regular SATA drives e.g. WD Green drives ? I’d imagine the former but would like to confirm.

Also, in future if I need to replace one/both of these, as I understand, I can replace it with any one of the compatible drives, not necessarily WD RED drive - pls. correct me if am wrong

Thx !

Usually they are red drives, but WD always reserve the right to substitute other drives in if there are issues with stock or suchlike.

If you want a full list of compatible drives, see here. It’s the list for the EX2 but it also applies to the MCM.