Moving G-SPEED XL drives to a G-SHUTTLE XL

Hello. I am encouraged by another post where they write that they succeed in what I’m about to ask; however, I need a little more clarity and am hoping for your wisdom.

I have a G-SPEED Studio XL 32TB, and the power supply died (the drives are working fine). I plan to buy a G-SPEED Shuttle XL 32TB and place the drives from the Studio inside the new Shuttle unit to retrieve the data. Once that is done, I will put the new drives from the Shuttle back in and use those drives moving forward.

WD Support has replied twice, telling me, " You must back up your data first before swapping the drives." I have explained that I can’t back up the drives because the Studio is not functional. They then tell me, “reformatting may be required after swapping,” and I’ll lose my data.

I only need Studio drives inserted into the Shuttle while retrieving the data. Will I be safe doing this, or will the Shuttle reformat the drives when inserted?

Thank you!!

Hi @luxlumen,

Please be informed that we do not recommend swapping the drives into a different enclosure without backing up the data from the drive, as reformatting may be required after swapping the drives.

However, if you are looking forward to purchasing the G-SPEED Shuttle XL for your future projects then you may purchase it and then try using the drive but if the drive shows a message to reformat the drive then do not proceed further with the same as reformat process is data destructive.