G-Speed Shuttle XL: Replacing Drives

I am using G-Speed Shuttle XL of 8x10TB configured to Raid5. I am running out of space. I wanted to buy 8 new drives of 10TB and replace the old disks, store them away and create a new array with the new disks. My worry is that I won’t be able to reuse the removed disks with the same bay if I decide replug then later on. Would configuring to JBDOD and using the drives as separate volumes be better for unplugging them?

I’m pretty sure if you shutdown and park the drives, then remove them, that if you needed to, you could re-insert all the same drives from that array into the shuttle unit and get the array running again.

I’ve had a 8 bay Shuttle XLeV 24Tb hardware unit fail on me (drives OK, but something on the controller/backplane power feed has died). I sourced a replacement bare Shuttle XL unit and simply switched the drive caddies over to the new unit and the array was recognised and mounted. I’ve since copied off the data from that array and archived the physical disks, replacing them with 4x18Tb drives instead (that way I can always swap them in to another 4-bay Shuttle unit that I have).

As far as I can recall, the drive unit automatically recognised the array on power-up and I didn’t have to adjust any array settings thru the g-raid util.