Replacing hard drives in 24TB Shuttle XL

I’d like to increase the size of my drives in the Shuttle XL. Can I add a higher capacity drive one at a time and have the RAID rebuild? Or should I just put all new drives in and start fresh?


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Did you ever get an answer to this question? I’m wondering the same thing. Thanks

No. No response till now.

You would need to replace all of the drives at the same. And, as I understand it, all of the new drives must be the same size and speed.

I have read other posts in the past saying that the drives all need to be the same make and model, so I have always played it safe and stuck to this rule as well.

Thanks for that useless reply 3 months later.

Great customer service. Not

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I signed up on this forum today specifically to answer your question (and @swild).

I’m sorry you didn’t find it helpful.