Spare drive (as replacement) for 2 different raid

Hi, I own 2 Raids: the new G-SPEED Shuttle XL 48TB and the old G-SPEED Studio XL 48TB. Both have 8x 6TB drives, but the new Shuttle’s drives are HGST HUS726060ALE614 Type US7SAK600 (12V 650mA), while the old Studio’s drives are HUH728060ALE600 Type US7SAJ600 (12V 550mA). As you’ll have noticed, the spare drives are different also in mA power.

Now, I’d like to buy a couple of spare drives (as Raids’ drives replacement) that match BOTH the Raids. The question is: can I use a newer spare HUS726060ALE614 (650mA) as replacement in BOTH the Raids (old Studio and new Shuttle)? OR should I use, for each Raid, its specific different type of drives?

Thanks really a lot.

Yes you can use either drives in either enclosures. The only reason the newer one has the lower power drives is just due to newer tech in that particular model. They however work and act the same way in the RAID.