Moviesheet question

i have a WDTV live gen3, read i had to use same themes as live hub, i dont care so much for the way it looks doesnt bother me, what i was wondering is if it is possible to just have a static.jpeg moviesheet show up when i scroll over the thumbnail…

basically have the 7 movie thumbnails at the bottom of sceen when i scroll over 1 jsut want a jpeg image to show i nthe background with text and fan art, so is it posible to hide the clock and all the system stuff and just have a image i make in thumbgen appear?

thx for any help

Yes, and do you mean something like this:

had actually just found that and downloaded all the stuff to check it out… am i able to use my own moviesheet tempalte on it? the text isnt like the other themese where it shows up in the same spot cause its codded that way right?

guess im jsut not used to the delay in the image appearing. seems like it takes awhile, guessing that cant be changed… why WD has no had a default moviesheet system implemented yet is beyond me

No, there’s no way to display a true static moviesheet, semi-static is the best you can do.  And yes the delay is normal and there’s no way to change this because the backdrops use the photo slideshow to display them.