Movie Metadata alternate directory

Hi all,

I’ve got a quick question. When I pull the metadata for a movie through the Options and get all that information, the Hub creates two extra files (one with the cover art and one with the metadata xml) on my NAS, where all the movies are stored. As a result, I have a few hundred extra files cluttering up the shared folder on my NAS. I have all my movies stored inside one shared folder on the NAS. I was wondering if it is possible to create a new folder on the same level as the movies (inside that shared folder where all the movies are) and move all the metadata and cover files in there, so they don’t clutter up the NAS when I’m accessing it from my PC. Is there any way to do this? Or change the directory where the metadata and cover images are stored? Or is it absolutely necessary for them to be in the same network share folder as the movies?

Thanks for your help!

No the metadata & coverart jpg’s have to be in the same folder as the movies or they will not be seen by the HUB.

Alright thanks for the info!