Thumbnails & Favorites

Hi All -

First - I couldn’t find the answers to my questions here, so if it was posted and my search capabillities lack, apologies in advance :slight_smile:

I opened the WD TV Live Hub box about an hour ago, updated firmware and everything seems to work great out of the box. I did run into a couple of issues:

CoverArt/Movie info


I need to mention that my library is set for XBMC. So my video folder look something like:





I also have the cover art in the movie folder (movie.jpg) and nfo file (movie.nfo)

TO the actual issue - I have my kids using this box and I want them to browse through cover arts. The only way I could make it happen was by placing a folder.jpg file inside the folder (in addition to the movie.jpg file). Is that really the way to do it? Also, can I make the box read the NFO files or edit the movie info manually somehow? Most of my videos are either homevideos or foreign language videos that are not on IMDB…



Right now when I go to videos, it shows any shared folder I have on the network that has a video file in it. I actually want to access 2 specific folders. I tried to add these folders as “favorite” for a quick access from the dashboard. Problem is - I keep getting a message “this folder contains no media files” when I try to access it from the dashboard. Well - it contains subfolders which comtain the media files. Is there a way to create a shortcut to a folder from the dashboard or solve this problem? Is there a way to remove folders or choose a specific folder as the source?

Thanks for the help! I’m very impressed with this box, I just want to have the UI set so my kids can just browse through a coverart flow and choose their vid…they can’t read yet :slight_smile:

Wow. Lots of questions. Yes, you are doing it right. Some people favor putting all movies in the SAME folder; one less level to click through. NFO files will work if you change the extension to .XML. However, there are a few gotchas. First, the PLOT tag needs to be changed to OVERVIEW. Also, the TITLE is ignored. Most of the other stuff that XBMC uses in an NFO file is ignored, like the IMDB links and such, so you might prefer to just let the hub create its own XML by doing GET CONTENT INFO on each movie. But, you have to be IN the folder for the data to show onscreen, whether you use XML or NFO. Finally, what you desrcribe (no media) happens to me if the hub hasn’t logged into the server yet. Sorry for the run on paragraph; HTML doesn’t work on an iPad.

Thanks for the great reply :manvery-happy:

Seems to me like I might want to consider a little reorg. Probably better to create a “kids movies” folder with all movie files under that folder.

As for the fovorites - it keeps hapenning here. I THINK I’m logged to the server as I can browse folders and play files from it, but every time I open the dashboard and select a fav folder, it says no media is in the folder. I guess moving into one folder with no subs will solve this issue as well. At least for movies, for TV shows I still HAVE to have at least a season subfolder :slight_smile:

Would love to hear if anyone has a solution here

the favourites function seems to be for specific video files, and not for folders.  I really wanted to make certain folders favourites, like you say Kids Films, and maybe TV so we can quickly get to them without having to navigate through the foldert structure but it seems it isnt implemented that way, you can make a folder a favourite but when you click on it you get the no media message.

Hopefully in a future firmware we can get folders as favourites.

I second that… I want the ability to have a fav or shortcut directly to a folder to avoid going through the hub mapping the sync from my passport. Maybe I set it up wrong from the get go.