Metadata folder contents etc

I have just upgraded from Gen 1 to Live Hub and before I move my  USB drive over I was wondering about metadata.

I have just used a program to get the metadata and it put each movie in a separate folder with a folder jpg, an xml file and a background jpg.  Will the live Hub display this metadata and background jpg?

Does each movie need it’s own folder to keep data separate or do I need to put  it in 1 main folder, name Movies or whathave you,  and then rename xml and folder jpg and background  to appropriate name to match mkv file?


You can either lump all the data in one folder or separate folders.  The Hub doesn’t care; it’s up to you how you want to arrange your files.

ok, so putting them in the same folder then you need to rename all thumbnail images and xml files correct?  Like I said the app I used created folders and inside just gave the xml a generic name like movie.xml and the thumb named folder.jpg


The xml and cover art have to have the exact same name as the mkv in order for them to work. Also you should know that if you have all your movies in their own folders you will have to go into that folder in order to see the meta data. In other words at the folder level there will be nothing coverart, no meta data.

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can you explain how you have your Hub HDD structured ?

I’ve been reading alot of threads and not sure what is the best way.

I am covneting my movies/DVDs VOBs to MKV/H.264 and will have metadata XML from DVDProfiler, along with cover art.

I also have alot of MP3s that I’ve used Tag&Rename to update/correct all embedded metadata and coverart.

I also have alot of pics/JPEGs.

I also will have alot of movies of my kids, etc…from Camcorder.

I’ve also found this awesome art for say folder coverart:

So, what I am thinking is…

Movies {directory has all my MKVs, XML files and coverart JPG with each movie’s MKV/XML/JPG named the same}

Music {directory with all my MP3s…all songs dumped into this directory since each MP3 has embedded metadata}

Pictures {directory with all my pics/JPG}

Camcorder {directory with all my camcorder movies, probably recode to MKV & create a JPG with frame pic and even hard code a XML…name all the same as like a movie}

I then will place in each a FOLDER.JPG file using one of the cool coverarts from the link above.

So, with my theory above I see each of these four directories with the cool coverart from the download and when I go into there is a coverart of each movie or song and when I select it shows the metadata.

So, will this work like this ?  I’m tyring to keep simple.

Also, any suggestion on good theme that looks good and works along these lines.

My other main use will be NetFlix…weather for FYI, not sure what else, maybe the free online music stream.

Thx !!

Excellent info, greatly appreciated.

What about movie sheet style or backdrop when displaying the metadata, is that supported by the Hub  ?

Or is the backdrop need to be created as a jpg with the metadata written on it using thumbgen etc?



The “Movie Sheet” style view, called “Gallery View” by WD is dynamic.

It reads the metadata from the XML file associated with the movie (either self-provided or created by the Hub itself) and presents it on the screen.  

Part of the metadata includes URLs to “Backdrop” images that act as a slide-show in the background.

The various themes available online at WD or in this forum (in the theme) section significantly modify the Gallery View’s behavior, and if you’re so inclined, you can join in and create your OWN theme or look-and-feel.

Some of those custom themes incorporate Movie-Sheet views that are created by external sources INSTEAD of using the WD to display the metadata.

There’s really no shortage of ways to skin the cat.

But out of the box, you’ll get a fairly useful Movie Sheet view from the start.

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@ thekochs, the way that you are thinking about setting up your directory structure is basically the same as mine.  You will see the meta data when you hover over each movie.  Yes if you place a folder.jpg in each folder you will see the cool coverart.  As for a good theme, I am personally using the Anodized theme but there are a lot of them pop up now.  One of the best things about the hub is that it is really simple to change the themes, you don’t even have to restart the hub!! 

@ HomerJ, so in order to see the backdrop on the hub there has to be http links in the meta data xml file that tells the hub to download them and show on the screen.  This happens when you hover over the movie file (mkv, avi…) only.  As of right now you can not use locally stored backdrops for movies.  Now having said that there are a couple of themes that use pre-made movie sheets, but you would have to read the thread in the themes section to figure out how to do it as I do not use this theme.

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Great info guys, much appreciated

got an interrogation

someone tested the possibility of local ftp for backdrops?

example :

the best would be to access to the mysql server or other used by the wd live hub web interface :slight_smile:


for a local webserver yes!

i test another possibility

the twonkymedia serverof the live hub

we can make a link in http

example :$2$19I430.jpg

unfortunately : this link is a little bit “cryptic”

I installed IIS server

so I can download backdrop directly

I will test tonight

the only interest is to accelerate the download of backdrop…

And for the fun of course  :smileyvery-happy:

conclusion :

it works with local http server (IIS) and it’s faster

but :

  • I Can’t  turn off my computer

  • too many action to for this result : download picture, modify intern url of xml files

my solution

1 - massive dowload of jpg with jdownloader (just select link into the xml)

2 - replace all old url with new local url with pspad

i have tried the twonky solution without any sucess…

It would be great to use a local server for the backdrops, but the idea of changing all the xml and also keeping the pc on all the time is crazy even for me. (even though my main pc is never switched off LOL)

I wish either we can keep all the backdrops in one folder of the Hub…

or better still keep the backdrops for the movie in the same folder as the movie itself along with everything else that would be much neater…

Anyways i am glad to see that you guys got local web servers working, its a step in right direction

patatozor wrote:

i test another possibility

the twonkymedia serverof the live hub


we can make a link in http


example :$2$19I430.jpg


unfortunately : this link is a little bit “cryptic”

 > * * *

Patatozor:  You’re saying that the above DOES work?

If so, can you explain how that link is formulated?   I don’t particularly care how cryptic it is… I am writing scripts that will handle that for me.  

i go to the twonky web interface and navigate into the shared file (


I see all my backdrop picture

but the url int the adress bar is :$2$21$95$96$596$606

if i click on the picture :$2$21$95$96$596$606X0$2$19I922

if right click and select ‘show picture’ :$2$19I922.jpg


pictures–>album–>fringe :$2$24$607

$ is the separator. but difficult to anticipate number id in a xml

maxi tiny url :wink:


about local web server,  if dowloading seems better, the hub is always lazy to display the first picture.

a day a test :stuck_out_tongue:

I have got a web server on my buffalo nas

same player shoots again !!!