Move data from Personal MyCloud to MyCloud Mirror?

I have a 2TB Personal MyCloud with about 2 GB of data on it.  I would like to transfer all the data from the MyCloud to MyMirror.  Is this possible?

The reason I am not using the External Harddrive option via USB is through 4 months of testing I finally determined the external hard drive is what was causing mycloud and mymirror to crash.

Currently both devices are on my network.  When I try to switch between the devices on the WDMycloud site ti does not allow me to copy paste between devices.

Thank you for your help and consideration in advance!

Have them both on your network, and then just use a PC to drag and drop from one to the other (or from the MyCloud to the PC and then back from the PC to the MCM if you prefer or they won’t play nicely together on the network).

2GB is not much data, so it should be fairly quick to do.

Or is there something more complex here that is stopping the direct way of doing things?

Thank you for the help Darren,

My mistake on the GB.  I have 350 GB to move over and moving that from my MC to desktop to MCM has created a problem.  I continue to receive the error message “A file with .wdmc already exists”.  Once I receive this error message the transfer stops and I cannot find the exact file/picture where it left off.

Do you have any other suggestions for me or do I need to buy a new external hard drive and go the safe point route?

Thank you again for your help!

OK, the .wdmc folders are hidden in each of the other folders which contain data files (pictures, movies etc) and are where the device keeps the thumbnails, transcoding information and other items that it needs for web access. Personally I find the things a complete nuisance and a very poor way of holding such information rather than a centralised database, but that’s another story entirely.

Anyway what I would do in your case is to put both your MyCloud and your MyCloud Mirror onto your network, and then open each in a separate Windows Explorer window on your PC (I’m assuming you’re using Windows - if you’re on a Mac or Linux box then do the equivalent). Then make a new folder on your MCM (call it “transfer” or something) and then drag and drop the root-level folder(s) from the MyCloud into that transfer folder on the MCM.

Doing that should then cause the whole file/folder tree from the MyCloud to be copied as a fresh transfer into the MCM. For 350GB it may take a while to achieve, but leave it running and it should get there eventually. You can then do some housekeeping and put the files/folders exactly where you want them, but only once the transfer is completed (don’t try it whilst it is still in progress).

It may also be worth to set Windows Explorer to show hidden files/folders (on my Win7 machine it’s under the view tab in the tools > folder options menu item, maybe somewhere a bit different if  you’re on a different version or OS). Then you should be able to see any hidden files/folders such as the .wdmc folders, and it will give you a better idea of what is actually being copied.

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worked Great Darren,

Thank you for the direction, I greatly appreciate it!

You’re most welcome - glad it’s all sorted out for you :smiley: