Best method for transferring file to My Cloud Mirris

Hello All,

The owners manula does not have a section on transfering files to the My Cloud Mirror.  On my other my cloud, I just hook it up via the ethernet or if its only 1 or 2 files I go through the app.  I tried to transfer 1 file last night via the app…no go…tried using the windows explorer type option…no go…

Any suggestions?


You should be able to do it in a similar fashion. It depends a bit on where the files are coming from:

From a computer - connect the MCM directly via an ethernet cable. It should appear under network and be accessible directly (if you have set a static IP address you may need to switch this to DHCP first, or remember and use the fixed address).

From a USB drive - connect the drive to the USB ports on the back of the MCM, then use the web file viewer app (via the dashboard) to transfer them. The USB drive should appear as a new share automatically when it is connected.

From your network - The only way is via Windows Explorer or equivalent and put up with the extra delay that the extended routing involves.

If you’re comfortable with it you can enable and log into the MCM via SSH, and then use normal linux commands for moving files around, although WD like to discourage SSH usage due to the potential risks involved if you do things wrong (it won’t be warranty-covered, as you’ll get warned if you enable SSH on the dashboard).

Thanks Bud,…I did attached a WD usb X drive and try to move the files.  I hi lited all the movies for example, but only 40 of the 69 moved and it gave me an error at the end…I’m gonna try it via Ethernet tonight and see if that works better.

Why not use WinSCP instead of Samba ?