Money back

Ok, now I want my money back. My MyHomeDuo is not working this afternoon, and I have there critically important business data to be accessed RIGHT NOW. Not in 5 minutes, right now.

Next time I will invest my money in some other serious NAS manufacturer, like Synology or Qnap.

Time is passing… WD is not working… I cannot use the web-based interface because there are such big files to be managed…

20 minutes of down and counting…

25 minutes of WD not responding. Incredible, almost half an hour of work thrown away.

Hi Luca!

Have the same issue here, but only after rebooting the PC, and was logged out.
Others users that are using the same NAS with WD Discovery, are still able to access the NAS.
I do believe its a WD server security issue.

Best regards.

All back to normal here