Model differences

I bought a 1tb blue SE drive a while ago and its fine.
I then bought another, for a friend, without the SE designation which has a black plastic surround.
Is there a difference between the two or is it just cosmetic?

Most of the time is cosmetic. Now, there some of the drives depending on the model number that has the software preloaded and some of them comes empty.

Are you able to provided us with the model number for those units

Apparently, asking AdrianKo for the Model # has either flipped him over the edge, or he’s just being stubborn and refuses to give it. And he’s obviously not going to click on the Kudos Star to say “thank you” either! Maybe if there was a button to say something like, “I refuse to give any information to help my situation” he’d click on that one!

I’ve seen more people go for a real spin when it comes to hard drives or backup drives! Hopefully he’ll snap out of it and give the answer that was asked of him.  :slight_smile: