My Book Pro has WD SE Drives inside...not BLACK as advertised!

Just purchased the 6TB MY BOOK PRO last night. I surprised to see WD SE ENTERPRISE drives inside when I was expecting WD BLACK Drives as stated on the box and the website.

Is this a mistake? The little research I have done shows that these drives are more geared towards data centers and 24/7 operation. This is NOT what I need the My Book Pro for. I will be using this for video editing and motion graphics and am afraid these drives are not up to the task. I read somewhere that these are for “mid intensity applications”

Can someone please let me know whats up?


Just doing a quick search on WD’s product page for the Pro, I see no mention of what drives are used – neither black nor SE. However, I could have missed it!

Where exactly are you seeing that specification?

Yeah I guess its NOT on their website, BUT…its written on the box in 2 places. Its also listen in their manual…and to top it off, its also in their own product video. I just find it very strange. Here are some pics

Heheheh… Sure enough!

I mean…maybe its a good thing? Maybe the WD SE drives are better? Im just used to the performance I have gotten in the past with the BLACKS and just wondering is performance is sacrificed at all with these SE drives.