My Book Pro 500gb, parts and/or advice

First time posting to the community.

I have a My Book 500gb, the one with usb firewire 400 and 800. Not sure if the is pro or premium.Gray case with double blue front button.

It started making this hissing type sound a while back.

So I removed the drive and hooked it to a docking station, and the drive is quite. So the sound is coming from the circuit board.

Looking to find the same unit with a bad drive to buy from someone. i have checked ebay and craiglist. nada.

Any ideas or website to find one. I have made a copy of the drive cause i thought the drive was going bad. I could buy an external enclosure, but I like the way WD enclosures look on my desk!

Hope someone can help me out.



Unfortunately, WD does not sell parts. You will need to purchase a third party external enclosure.