WD10000LSRTL return

I’m returning two drives that I received today. The vendor had no issues with handling my RMA. I received two Caviar Black 1TB drives. Inside the boxes they were Caviar Blue drives of a different model number. What was interesting to me is that the vendor packaging got the serial numbers correct. Do you think WD just decided to make the older Black drives the new Blue drives and put them in leftover Black boxes? I’ll be replacing them with the newer Black model that has 64MB cache.


Sounds reminiscent of the issue discussed in this other posting regarding apparent Apple OEM versions of the WD1001FALS making it into retail packaging.    It seemed plausible in that case that the OEM version of the drive had made it into the retail box inadvertently.   Not sure how a Blue drive would make it into the wrong box, but I suppose once the drives are in the static bags there could be an mixup during packaging, though there are obviously other possibilities.  On the positive side, nobody seems to have had an issue returning/RMA these drives…

If you didn’t didn’t do the RMA through WDC itself, they may be interested in getting a report if you still have the serial numbers of the affected drives.   

All the drives in the posting mentioned above were purchased at Best Buy.  I’m curious if that is where you purchased these retail drives?