Mobile App has no Logout option

I have my EX2 Ultra up and running and am able to access the device across the MyCloud Mobile App for Android. HOWEVER, this app has no option that I have been able to find that allows me to log out of the application.


Please refer to the following link:


This would be good if this actually worked. Following your instructions does nothing more than remove the “ -> Sign Out from option from the Settings Menu.

After explicitly following these instructions including Closing the Mobile App and the Re-Opening the Mobile App, I was still able see and access the shares on the My Could EX2 Ultra device. Going back through your instructions AGAIN, the Sign Out option is no longer in the Settings Menu. In addition to this, I cleared the cache, and shut my phone completely down then restarted it. I still have access to the shares despite me being “Logged out” which I am obviously not.

Obviously it would be NICE to be able to log out of the device when I’m not using it, and then log back in when I need it. It is not very secure to have a NAS that cannot be secured in the event of a stolen or lost phone.

Also, I have also found MANY of the links in your “Help” inside of the My Cloud Admin Pane to be broken, leading to “Page not Found”, or just general HTTP errors.

I get the feeling that WD has put these cloud products on the bottom of their list in terms of improvement, maintenance and Support.

While the device performs well, I am not AT ALL comfortable with the security of this device. You do realize that Cyber Theft is on the rise, and has been increasing exponentially over the last few year, DON"T YOU?

So you, an employee of Western Digital, are going to completely ignore my previous reply to your supposed solution. Do you REALLY care about WD customers or are you just there to collect a paycheck? Here we are two weeks later and NO reply. Thank you for ignoring my problem.