Logged out of App - but can still scroll through last photos!

Hi Guys,

I just logged out of the MyCloud app on my iPad but the folder of photos that I was looking at prior to logging out are still visible and I can still scroll through them!!

How can this be the case when I’ve just logged out???


Logged out? How did you do that? I’ve seen no such option, unless you’re saying you deleted the NAS from your device list…

Definitely an option to log out of iPad App as this is what I ended up with. See pic.

But how do you navigate to the logout option? I’ve gone through every menu in my app and don’t see it anywhere. I’m trying to see if I can reproduce your issue. :slight_smile:

Agree, this does not look like the My Cloud MOBILE app for iPad or iphone. Maybe he was on th MC app for the computer??

To Mark: The way to “log out” of the MC Mobile App is to drag the app upwards to shut it down.as with any iOS app. If you can still browse the MCM this would be impossible under this condition. Something else is going on here.

I navigated to the logout option through the menu available on the left hand-side of app. See pic of the menu that appears. The log out option was available under ‘Settings’.

This screen is one most every MC app user knows about. No secret here, What we need to see is the screen you see in Settings section that says Log out, because this screen has looked this way for years, and there is no Log out “button” Please send another screen shot.

The My Cloud mobile app for Android and iOS allow the user to:

  • add device and view content locally (can still be accessed remotely when added locally)
  • login using your MyCloud.com account to view content locally and remotely

Although the OP is logged out of MyCloud.com account in the mobile app, the My Cloud is still associated with the mobile app which means remote / local access are still available.

Hello @SBrown,

Thanks for the response but I’m afraid I’m not entirely clear on the logic here - even though I’m logged out access is still available?

I would have thought that by logging out I would have terminated any assoication with the MyCloud device?

The statement above is true for MyCloud.com Browser Access but not the mobile app.
As long as the My Cloud is “added and listed” in the mobile app, you should still be able to access your files.

So think of the Mobile App as a way to add a mycloud.

Isn’t this inherently risky and insecure as effectively you are NOT logged out? ie completely different experience to browser.


I do not have (or currently want) a mycloud.com account, since local network access via Windows PCs, WDTV, etc. and MC mobile app local/remote access via iOS devices are all I need.

Therefore, this is why I do not see what OP sees in my mobile app settings; am I correct in this assumption?

@mike27oct that’s correct.
You’ll only see the “Sign Out” in the mobile app if you indeed signed in using the MyCloud.com account

It sounds like the My Cloud was manually added to the Mobile App via the local LAN.

  • Set your mobile device to the carrier network or WiFI network other than the LAN the My Cloud is connected to
  • Sign Out of My Cloud.com using the mobile app
  • REMOVE the My Cloud from the mobile app
  • Close and open the app and there should be no My Cloud device
  • Sign in to MyCloud.com and the My Cloud should be present
  • Sign out of MyCloud.com and the My Cloud should NOT be present