How to sign out of My Cloud Desktop Application

I am desparately trying to find the logout / signout button in the WD My Cloud Desktop application.

The application keeps me logged in after initial login and I cannot find the way to get out.of the user I used to login initially.

Any thoughts?

Unfortunately that does not work for me.

I can click on Disconnect device and it disconnects. However, when I go back to connect in the WD My Cloud application, it does not prompt me for credentials (e.g. user name), but automatically uses my last account name (which I don’t want to use). I need other clues.

When you select DISCONNECT, you’re given another screen that says “Recently connected devices” – You need to REMOVE the device from there, too…

The ‘remove device’ did the trick! Thanks a lot for the help.

Perhaps one of the next releases of the My Cloud application can sport a logout button.