WD MyCloud no logout prompt

I’m having issue is getting the log out prompt. When I try to access web UI it doesn’t challenge me.

Have you tried clearing your browser cache and history?

@balajirajahpb Did you set up a password in the Dashboard? I have the 1st generation My Cloud but I do not use a password since I am the only one using computers on my network.

I got two mycloud. One is prompting for log in challenge and other one is not. Both are running same version.

Does each My Cloud device have it’s own unique name?

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@balajirajahpb You still did not answer the question, Do you have a password created in the Dashboard that would require you to log in on the one you say is not requiring you to?

Do both My Clouds have firmware 2.xx.xx or 4.xx.xx?

If you are not having to sign in then there should be no reason to sign out!!

Have you looked at the HELP information provided with the Dashboard (UI)?