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I have the latest firmware for the WD TV Live and a MLB TV Premium subscription. When I select a video feed to use nothing is displayed. When I select the audio everything works. I have verified because it is spring training that the video does exist on the PC or iPad but the same stream does not play any video. Anyone else have this issue?


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Response Via Email(Customer Service) - 03/06/2012 10:59 AM Dear Carsten,

Thank you for your email.

We’re very sorry for the inconvenience that your experience, but right now WD TV is not yet available at the moment. It will be available early March of this year.

Please refer to this link for future updates about your WD TV.

Please feel free to email us or call our toll free Customer Service number (1-866-800-1275) if you have any additional questions.

New for the 2012 MLB Season, watch live and archived baseball games with MLB.TV Premium on your WD TV media players. Activate your device and get ready to catch all the action!  Spring Training games available early March.

I have the same problem, audio only no video during the spring training games.
The saved clips work fine, just no live or restart game picture.

WD please fix this for us, thanks.

I have the same issue. No live video only sound.  WD please fix

I have the same issue… No video for the games that I select on my live and live hub. I can watch them on my computer and iphone though. Please fix this issue WD or issue there is some for t of problem.

i just asked on the mlb forums and their answer was the same, that they would update their list of streaming devices once it’s up and running

I guess the biggest thing is that I hope that this works for opening day. But I wouldnt say this is a WD issue ATM.


Well, its well into March and still no video.  What’s up with this WD???

Well, the firmware with MLB.TV was released.   But now MLB.TV has an issue on their end.  

Someone posted in another thread a response from MLB.TV that the issue is on their end, and they’re still working on it.

I am having the same problem. Today is 18 March, 2012. I called MLB.TV and they said a fix should be posted soon by WD… I don’t see it here yet!!!

Could you point us to that other posting?  This is not what MLB is telling me.  I can access the games with great video quality except from my WD.  It appears my WD is the only device having problems capturing the video display in my house…

This one:

It’s March 31st and I am still having the same problem–no live video, only recaps.

Just saw on MLB forums that WD TV won’t be up and ready unitl April 5.

Yea, I ran across the same thing from MLB.TV.  Will see what happens on April 5th.  It seems they keep pushing the date back for WD users.  They did not bother to tell me this when I purchased the Premium service.  Thanks guys…

The new firmware has fixed the issue…

Just watched the Mets vs Yankee game…

all is good!

One down, loads to go.

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