MLB.TV - No audio

I have asked this before in the forums and wondering if there is a fix yet, besides dropping firmware down to 2.01.86.

When you try to play any game through MLB.TV there is no sound.  I have it through HDMI pass-through (optical does the same thing).  I have seen here in the forums you need to have DD and DTS ONLY checked.  I did that and it worked one day, then the next nothing (this is when I had the most up to date firmware.  I own three of the WD boxes and I must have updated this to newest without knowing.  When I downgrtaded it, and have DD and DTS only checked, it seems to be fine.

Is this just a known issue in the most up to date firmware (do not recall what the number was now since I lowered it)

Thank You

the latest … last ? firmware update was version 2.02.32 about a YEAR AGO

if your MLB works with 2.01.86 … then that’s great, and you should stay with that firmware

because, NO-ONE here, knows if there will ever be another firmware update for the WDTV Live Streaming

personally speaking … this device is near or if not at it’s EOL and will be a Legacy Device soon

Correct, it did have 2.02.32.  Just odd with that audio.  On Friday I had just DTS and DD checked and it worked, SUnday I went to watch same team, same audio settings checked, DTS and DD, no audio.  Tried reboting, no resolution and I remembered the firmware issue so I downgraded and got audio back.  Not sure for how long is what worries me.

Appreciate the reply.