MKV playback issues with movies Stipping Header

Hi, first of all I apologize for any spelling errors, unfortunately I do not know very well English.
I have a WD HD TV 1Gen looking to play some MKV movies that have the 'header stripping the player crashes me to play other movies and I have to unplug the power! The problem is already known, the firmware that I installed is 1. 03. My question is this: There are more implementations of the firmware? Remain available for possible solutions I offer my most cordial greetings.

No.   There is no newer firmware, and there never will be.

All you can do is create your media without compression in the headers.

Your best bet would be to download

and then run MKVFix to automatically scan your media and remove compression from any files that have it.

Ok, you are very kind to answer me. It is in the way that you described I’m already doing, but unfortunately I have very "material " to convert. One question, with MKVFix it takes less time? I have never used this software. Thanks for your answer. Hello.

Yes, the MKVFix program that someone wrote will scan through your files and fix them all for you. :smiley: