Petition for Gen2 new Firmware fix (Matroska/mkvtoolnix compressed header issue)

WD how about some support for your customers ?

 After several months of Gen2 will change the status to Legacy Products and WDC forget that such support for this.

we never see new firmware. never.

You will always use MKVTOOLNIX Header editor for fix Compression flag in MKV’s headers.

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we need new firmware for WDTV HD Gen1

tompjack wrote:

we need new firmware for WDTV HD Gen1

 Um…no. I mean, yes, new firmware is needed, but no, there won’t be any from WD. You really need to read the other postings on the board…they have abandoned the Gen1 (and anecdotally the Gen2), so asking for new firmware for the Gen1 is pointless.

My WD Media Player  GEN 2            d. play  MKV,  1 munth don;t play.  Blin,kak menea nerviruet…

and  1080p , don’t play Russian Language.  SKATA.

It is a slap in the face to those of us that have spent money to buy their products and the come out with a patch/fix for the Live versions and not the “regular” Gen 2 units.  I completely understand why they aren’t with the Gen 1 units BUT please…

Help us out here WD!

well …i have the version (wd tv live plus) and i have the same problem …(i can’t get audio to work on  H.264  files)

so is there a fix for this version…can anyone tell me and if so  where do i get the fix…thx

I have the same problem with WD TV 1st generation.

For 2 nd generation is avalaible the fix for this problem? And for 1st generation?

If WD doesn’t launch another firmware for wd tv hd gen2,

 I’ll NEVER BUY WD products!

I’ll NEVER BUY WD products! Me too. I hate WD for that so much

Me too i hate these rogues…

I have waited a long time for you to release an upgrade that will stop the outsync on most mvk and mp4 file format, but it never came and it will probably never come.

I can’t believe you don’t care about your custumers that much. I paid a lot of money to get that product and you are so irrespectful. You are selling a buggy product that is barely working. I will NEVER buy any other WD product ever again and will make sure to post negative review about you on website like amazon, for exemple, because that is what your compagny deserve.

I recently have a long discussion with WD Technical support and they do not say that they are not supporting Generation 2  HD player but as we know that they havent updated the firmware since 2009 (although they are doing it for HD TV Live product which was released same time as generation 2) so we should all contact again and again then again and again to put pressure on them through blogs etc for updating it. Since generation 2 is not a legacy product they are bound to support it.