MKV files "not supported" when trying to stream of tversity in network?

anyone encountered this?

I am able to stream MKV files using TVersity without issue.

Are you able to play MKV files in Windows Media Player?  It’s a good test to see whether you have the correct codecs installed for MKV files / common HD codecs contained within them.

IIRC, TVersity only streams / transcodes what your system can play.  Try installing the TVersity codec pack or maybe CCCP.

Having said that, I think it should still be able to stream them fine if you disable Transcoding (WD TV can do all the decoding, so no need to waste CPU cycles).

OH **** haha your right the codecs I have installed on my laptop not the makeshift desktop it’s hooked up to nice call!!

Hey, does sound ever cut out or the video slow down when streaming HD content through tversity over network?

Sweet.  If that’s working for you, please mark the post as the solution.  That way other people will find it more easily.  :)

I haven’t had any issues with sound cutting out or slowdown when using TVersity… could it be the bitrate is a little high and you don’t have enough bandwidth?  

How are you connecting, wired (Cat5) or wireless?  Wireless can sometimes be an issue with higher bitrate files.

If you can put one of the troublesome files on a USB flash drive and play it direct, that would help determine if it’s an issue with the file itself or with your connection.

If you download MediaInfo, you’ll be able to find out a whole bunch of codec info that you can copy / paste here.  That would help us spot any potential issues with the files.