Use tversity and give up on network shares

I am having the same problems as most users with network shares not showing up or showing up then going away. I tried a program called Tversity which is free and works great. install it , tell it where your media is, let it connect to wd tv live and then you will be able to see all your files under under media server instead of network shares. if you have a lot of files let tversity finish scanning befor you try  to see them on wd tv.

I did that as well, but TVersity won’t read .mkv files. Before when it all worked, if I wasn’t using TVersity, it read every file just fine both .avi and .mkv alike.

TVersity has no problem with MKV files if you have the right codecs installed.

In fact, TVersity comes with its own codec pack… did you install it?

using tversity anything that plays on your pc will play on the wd

ther is an otjer great media serveur : FREEMI[/url] in french, but very very easy. –