TVersity - seems to solve problems

I’ve not been able to find a post about the WD Live not showing the most recent files added to your storage. I stream from my desktop, would add a file (never mind how :wink: ) and I would not see it until a restart of the PC and the WD. Also MKV was not supported, more an issue with Windows 7 then the WD.

I saw a troll post who just said why all the complaints I use TVersity and have no problem. Useful comment I sure. However it did make me wonder if that would be a fix.

Well I bought the Pro version about $29 I think and have never looked back. Had installed for over a month now and plays MKV, MP4, AVI, WMV and the moment I add a file to the shared folder it’s there on my TV.

So if you have the same issue try the TVersity on the WD go to Video>source>Media Player>Tversity and enjoy. Only setup on the software (TVersity) is select the folders you wish to share.

Hope this might help someone. Makes the WD Live a very worthwhile unit.

Not sure if I’ll check ths thread again I just wanted to share what I found from a lot of frustration with Windows.

Welcome to the Community Rossit57. Thanks for sharing.

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