Is there anyway to stream mkv files?

as of right now i am unable to use my network shares and can only access media through streaming in the media servers section… However wm player does not recognize mkv files, is there a way around this?  Can I use a different player to stream media?

TVersity is a free media server and definitely able to stream MKV, along with pretty much every other file format the WD TV Live can handle.  Just remember to disable ‘Transcoding’ (set it to ‘Never’).

It’ll also stream internet radio (e.g. ShoutCast) stations.  The ‘Pro’ edition can stream Hulu and other media sites if you don’t mind paying for it.

Download it here:

I’m playing mkv’s from MediaTomb on a Linux server.  It seems to stream well - better than accessing network shares.  However, the WD TV Live seems to have audio sync problems with mkv files especially with HD content like 1080i.

I noticed that problem as well.  I have several mkv files that play great on my computer but the audio is out of sync when I stream it

Yeah WD just need to fix the bloody Network Shares dropping issue >>

This worked for me …