MKV files stopped working from new stream server!

I am running WD TV Live Plus, latest firmware:1.06.16_B. I was originally streaming all my videos from a 2003 server machine. It took a dump I  switched my streaming server to a 2007 home premium machine. Same .wpl files same video files. Now none of my mkv files will play. I get “Unable to play selected file. Please see the user manual for a list of supported formats” error. The same files I have watched before will no longer play being streamed from the new machine. Nothing has changed the same .mkv files the same network the same firewall setting the same TV, same firmware. All the same, the only thing that is different is the machine where the stream originates. The files do play fine on the machine that is streaming them to WDTV Live. That is I can watch them in WMP on the 2007 machine that is acting as the stream server.

I have the same problem, none of my MKV, nor AVI files are playing. I’ve been upgrading and downgrading to different versions of FW but nothing changed.

Really dissapointed with WD TV Live :frowning:

You answered your own question.

If nothing changed except for the server, the issue is obviously with the server.

What software are you using as the Media Server?   The Built-in DLNA server?  If so, you will need to install the codec packs for MKV so WMP will serve them correctly.  There’s tons of posts around here about that issue…

I am running the windows streaming server. I also have the smae codecs installed. I know the issue is in the server and how it is streaming to WD box. You said there were posts on this I looked but did not fined any. I will look again.

I’ve never heard of “Windows Streaming Server.”  Can you be more specific?

in WMP you acrtivate the network sharing Service. This activates the “Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service” 

I tried a different Codec. I downloaded “Combined-Community-Codec-Pack-2011-11-11” re-booted and all is as it should be…