My solution to MKV's over network not working

At the end i got “file not supported” on every MKV file.

Dont ask me why but installing DivX Plus on the PC solves the problem, I tried uninstalling it and MKV’s dont work again, tried it 2 times.

What I did:

Downgraded to 1.03.49_V

Installed DivX Plus Codecs:

Reboot everything.

Can anyone with knowledge look into this?

Sorry if this is old news, i didnt see it anywhere

That’s an interesting solution, thanks for sharing!  :)

Are you accessing your MKVs via a media server on a Windows-based PC?  

That could explain it; some media servers will only stream a file if the codec needed to play on the PC is installed, regardless of whether the destination media player can handle the file…

This should not be an issue when streaming via network share.  

Although, suggesting people switch to media server could be considered a workaround!