Missing Files WDMyCloud

I have had a problem accessing content on MyCloud remotely. I have done a re-boot, and I can see files and folders, some of the folders only have the .db file but the media has gone. I’ve come across a similar problem with ext file system stuff in the past, where the the files disappears
but the folders are still there, and the disk capacity reflects that the data is there but cannot be seen. OS Win 7 64bit & Android lollipop. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance,


Hello there,

Make sure that you have the permissions to access those files.

See if the following link helps:

Thank’s for the suggestion. I can open the folders but the only files in there are the Thumbs.db ones. I have had this problem on a PVR, which showed that the disk was about 80% full, and all the folders were there, but no files inside them. That machine also had an ext file system. I am moving all the “good” files to another set of drives. I will then strip the MyCloud and use some recovery software, like photorec, to see if I can restore them. Unless I get some other fixes in the meantime.

I will also see if any of the Linux forums can throw some light on the problem.