Folders still there but files gone

I have a My Cloud 2 Tb on my network, but the data has gone from lots of folders. The only thing left is the Thumbs.db files. I’m using Windows 7.Does anyone have an idea what’s wrong?

Although it is also backed up on other drives, I bought this device as a safe repository for storing data, now I wonder if it’s gone for good, and I’m going to have to start again…

What do you mean by gone? How are you looking for it and what are you using to look at it? Is it Network>My Cloud>Share, My Cloud Desktop app, My Cloud Desktop Public app etc.?

Do you allow anyone else to use your computer or have complete access to your My Cloud and your shares?

How long have you had your My Cloud?

I will soon have had mine for two years, I hope it last several more but I am sure it will not last forever.


When I look for them, in the folders that they were in, they’re no longer there, only the Thumbs.db file.

I’m accessing the My Cloud via a Windows 7 PC, connected to the same network. I’ve also accessed it from the desktop app, with exactly the same result.

No one else uses the computer, and I’ve had it for less than two years.

These are over one hundred files that have gone, and I’m not inclined to back them up, unless I know why this has happened and If its likely to happen again. I think its probably too late to run a data recovery program, as the disk has been written to several times since the problem showed up, and I think its still happening, IE, in the last 24 hours.

Do you have a way to scan shares that you have on your My Cloud? I do mine with McAfee. See example image below.
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