Folders are gone from my cloud 2 TB

Hi. I have a My Cloud 2TB. A couple of days ago did i notice that my videos folder was gone. And I am sure that i didnt remove it. Luckily i had an external drive in the my cloud, with a safepoint on it. that updates everyday, so i moved the videos folder back on the my cloud. After that, i did make a new safepoint on the external drive, because of some issues with the old one. Then some days later i noticed that the folder with pictures also was gone. The new safepoint wasnt finish copying, so i didnt do anything about it, because i knew the pictures was on the external drive in the old safepoint. But today the pictures folder is also gone from the old safepoint on the external drive.

I need help… Why is my folders gone, and can i get them back?

Sorry for bad english.

Thank you :slight_smile:

This isn’t the first report of problems with folders vanishing for some reason.

What method/program/app were you using to access the MyCloud file server?
What computer/operating system are you using? PC/Mac/Windows/OSX?

Reading another thread, I wonder if you’re using Windows 10 File Explorer, and using the ‘Quick Access’ view, which isn’t a true view of the physical file structure, and, I suspect, decides to remove folders from view if it decides they haven’t been used recently…

Using the ‘ThisPC’ view in File Explorer should give a view of the physical file system, without any ‘clever’ selection.

I am using windows 10, but the folders arent there niether when i am on the web interface ( or the mobile app. It was actually when i was on the mobile app, that the pictures folder was removed.

Like was indicated above, at least one other had a similar issue of a folder disappearing recently, although in their case I think they were renaming the folder when it disappeared. See this thread.

In any case does the Capacity graphic/chart on the Dashboard show a different amount of storage space due to the folder missing?

For those who have this issue you should use SSH and access the /DataVolume/shares/ and navigate to the missing folder location to see if the folder is actually gone from the My Cloud.

@Axel_Duebjerg Have you done a search of the My Cloud for your videos and pictures? See example image below. Notice there are 64 items found in my search. Click on, tap or activate image to enlarge it.


I am not sure about the capacity graphic/chart on the dashboard, but as i remember, it shows the same now. And it also says 100GB of photos, which i dont think is in other folders that the pictures folder…

I dont know how to access the /datavolume/shares…

Yes I did that. But thank you

One would activate SSH via the My Cloud Dashboard > Settings > Network, then use a SSH program like Putty ( on their computer to access the My Cloud via SSH command line. From the SSH command line one can enter commands to navigate through the My Cloud OS. For example once connected via SSH one can enter the command cd /DataVolume/shares/ then enter the command ls or dir which will list the Shares and or files in that directory. From there you can navigate using the same cd command to where your missing folder was located to see if it still exists or not.

Or you can search the Internet for more detailed information on how to use SSH and the commands to issue to a Linux OS (which the My Cloud uses). Note: DO NOT issue an apt-get command to update the My Cloud OS, doing so will most likely brick the My Cloud.