Renaming folder ends in total loss of folder and all files within

Dear all

Yesterday i moved first, then renamed a subfolder within my My Cloud via the webbrowser (not a share, just a subfolder).
The original path was “{mycloudshareroot]/X-Drive/Videos” which i moved to “{mycloudshareroot]/Videos” at first, then I renamed the “Videos” Folder to “All_Videos”. After waiting for ages, I tried to access the new folder, but it was nowhere. The total free capacity was increased by the amount of space, the files used before (before the size of used space was 2,1 TB, but now only 1,7 TB was used). Unfortunately, some files within are really important for me and they cannot be restored from anywhere, so it would be a huge help, if I could get them back. I was searching through this community and googled for similar issues, but unluckily I couldn’t find anything, so I ask you all the following:

Can anybody tell me, if it is possible to regain the files and how?
Can it be, that the WD MyCloud is far away from stable, while accessing and modifying files via browser?

Thank U for any support


This is very unusual. The described behavior would indicate the files were effectively deleted rather than hidden. Since your NAS is still working did you try browsing online for a data recovery software that works with network units?

Unusual, but I’ve had something similar happen.

How did you move the folder, drag and drop, cut and paste or copy and paste?

What device are you using desktop, laptop, etc? Windows or Apple? If Windows have you searched your My Cloud for that folder?



I moved and renamed the folder via the web interface and waited between to give it a chance to finish


do you coincidentally have a recommendation for a data recovery tool?

I do not, but the following companies are very likely to:

Enable ssh and log into mycloud to see if there might be the dirs which might not be listed

unfortunately login via SSH doesn’t work, root/welc0me not accepted