6TB My Cloud deleting folders on its own! HELP!

Hi everyone,

I’ve had this 6TB My Cloud for about a year and haven’t had any issues until a few days ago… I set up the My Cloud through my MacBook Pro when I first bought it and moved about 3 TB of files onto it without any problems and I’ve never had any issues accessing it. About 2 weeks ago I setup the My Cloud app on my work desktop which running is Windows 7 and I haven’t had any problems streaming the media but when I deleted 1 sub folder the whole folder,containing 1000+ items, was deleted instead and I’ve been unable to recover the data even after contacting WD. I went to view some files on the My Cloud again today when I realized a folder containing about 600+ files was also completely gone without a trace. Since there is no option to recover these files through WD or the app/device I will be contacting a company to retrieve them and it’s going to cost me some $.

TL:DR- WD My Cloud deleted about 1600 items randomly and they can’t be retrieved.

Is there anything that I can do at this point to stop the random deletes and fix this issue besides pay someone to recover them? I honestly don’t want to use the device anymore because the past few times I have used it, files are randomly deleted! Could this be an issue with the Windows 7 WD My Cloud program? I’m livid right now because I can’t use it for fear or losing more work!

Thank you all in advance

Sorry to hear your troubles.

But I’m afraid you’ve learnt a hard lesson. Storage devices fail at random. Do not rely on any single device. ALWAYS have a backup.

As for why it did it; it’s hard to say. It could be the MyCloud, or it could be Windows, or it could be finger trouble. The relatively good news is that most deletions only mark the file as deleted in the directory, and don’t actually erase data. So your files are probably still there, and recoverable with the right software. But turn it off, and do not try to access it, and certainly do not write any data to it; you risk overwriting the ‘erased’ data.