Missing Features in Firmware

Recently I’ve purchased My Cloud Home to use it as a back-up device. However, I later noticed that it does not provide all the functionality that are present in My Cloud devices such as authenticated FTP/Samba access.

Since the device was powered on once, I cannot return it.

I noticed that many users suffer from this issue and I think WD should publish a patch for this.

You need to use the applications that are available for the device.

User Manual: My Cloud Home and My Cloud Home Duo (westerndigital.com)

You don’t live in the US or UK do you. Well, when life gives you lemon, you could always make lemonade. WD clearly does not think this is a particularly pressing issue for the ‘Home’ use but if you must, you could always install an encryption software that can mount an encrypted volume or container on top of the My Cloud Home public share. These can work surprisingly well and the encryption will be better than anything that SMB 2 or 3 server provides - something that actually has never been implemented on the server side for any Android based OS such as WD OS4. One such encrypted volume mounted on top of MCH public share performance result: