Minor issues with MyCloud

I have had My Cloud for over a month now. I have had 2 other WD products (both My Books - both dead due to connection failures with the USB cord). I stay with WD because of the great support I have received in the past.

Now, with my new Cloud, I have had it running perfectly fine (though it was taking forever to transfer my 3 TB over). I have three users set up on it - with one user, all the images that are saved on her access are only half saved (half of the image is grayed out). I am not sure why this happened, or if I should just delete and retry to save them.

Next issue - I plugged in a new My Book to the My Cloud - and since this event on Friday I have not been able to access My Cloud. I did this as I was going away for the weekend, and wanted to show off to my family the ability for my to access all my files… oops… didn’t work. When I got home last night I spent some time unplugging and plugging the My Cloud back in. At one point I did get the My Cloud to show up with the My Book. However, I wasn’t able to access anything that was on My Book. And soon the connection stopped. I thought I could have additional harddrives connected to My Cloud. Is this the case or not?

I am at work currently - so it will be at least 7 hours before I can get home to play with it. But if you have any suggestions, please let me know! I definitely love the idea of my own cloud, and adding on my other harddrives so that I can access my photos anywhere - I just am hoping to get it up and running again so that I can see it function fully!


Have you tried contacting WD Support for direct assistance?

Contact info: http://support.wdc.com/contact/contact.asp?lang=en&ct=personalcloud